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I autographed a girl’s boobs in the presence of her boyfriend–Rhymzo


Multi-talented reggae singer and producer, Churchill Sosa De Gusto aka Rhymzo shot to the limelight with the album, Take Mediocre Off

The Stage, in the early 2000s, He later went on to release three studio albums. Today, Rhymzo shares his over 19 years stage experience.

When was the first time you performed on stage?

That was in the ‘90s in my undergraduate days at the University of Benin. I was also part of the organisers of a show,

which the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti headlined so, I opened for him.

How was the show?

The show was fantastic because I was playing for the students I knew very well. I had little or no problem playing for


Did you panic opening for an iconic musician like Fela?

No, and that was because I knew my audience. I had little or no problem communicating with them. In fact, that show has formed the foundation for my energetic performance to date.

How do you prepare for shows?

Apart from my normal rehearsals, I do a lot of meditation and I rest very well because I am a Rastafarian; I don’t do the hype thing so, I meditate a lot. I also try to envision the kind of audience I am playing for.

When do you normally wake up on the day of a show?

I wake up early, meditate and eat the right food at the right time.

Do you have a special food for showtime?

Yes, I eat well because I don’t take alcohol, weed or any stimulant. I eat so that I can have enough energy to perform. I

do nourishing foods like fruits and water because I do a lot of energetic performances on stage.

How many times do you eat before you go on stage?

I like to eat minutes before going on stage. When I am back stage I eat my cherries, apples and take lots of water.

How do you relate with your male and female fans?

I relate with them with lots of respect and spirituality because I don’t do girl stuff, my fans also relate with me seriously.

What crazy thing has a male fan done to you?

A male fan once dragged me off the stage by stretching his hands like he wanted to shake me but as I attempted

to do that, he dragged me off the stage. However, I was not injured because he held on to me until I freed myself from his

grasp and got back on stage.

What of female fans?

A female fan came to me back stage with her boy friend, took off her blouse and asked me to

autograph her boobs. While I was still wondering and trying to comprehend what was happening,

her boyfriend brought out a pen and pleaded with me to autograph his girlfriend’s boobs, describing her as my

biggest fan.

Did you do it?

Yes, I did and it was crazy and  magical.


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