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Moto 360 vs Apple Watch


The Moto 360 was one of the biggest hits on the wearable market this year and Motorola has been proud to have introduced a round smartwatch that can cater to watch and tech fans at the same time. The Apple Watch has been teased at the iPhone 6 unveiling event by Tim Cook, but its release hasn’t been disclosed yet. An Apple Watch release date is rumored for February or March 2015, but Apple has encountered some manufacturing issues with the sapphire glass provider since. In any case, once the Apple Watch is released, one of its biggest rivals will be the popular Moto 360 round smartwatch.

Even though the Apple Watch release date is still controversial, we already know a great deal about the wearable. At the iPhone 6 release event, Tim Cook and co. talked about how the Apple Watch would be something that would change everybody’s life, but we are wondering how the company plans to release a smartwatch that will be different from what we have today. The Moto 360 release was successful and the watch sold out in a matter of days. While Moto 360 reviews were split in opinion at first, most of them are positive since the Motorola rolled out an update to fix Moto 360 battery life issues cause by Ambient Light.
Apple has been updating its Apple Watch microsite recently, adding in new feature descriptions and details. Even though we don’t know for sure when the Apple Watch release date is set, at least we’re sure that the timepiece will be hitting  shelves next year. The Moto 360, on the other hand, has been around for quite some time now, and the company has also put out two new versions of the wearable, encased in metal and with stainless steel bands, which actually look really stylish. The Asus ZenWatch has been called the most stylish rectangular smartwatch on the market, but the Moto 360 design and the new accessories make this round smartwatch incredibly fashionable, in my opinion. Of course there are people who are put off by the black bar at the bottom of the Moto 360, housing important hardware and Ambient Light. To me, that black bar doesn’t seem disturbing after a few days, even though the first time I noticed it it was quite an eye-sore. Nonetheless, customers seem to understand that the black bar is a better option than the large bezels LG opted for in the LG G Watch R – another round smartwatch.
Motorola puts a lot of emphasis on the design of the Moto 360, but it also advertises the great functionality of the timepiece’s hardware combined with Android Wear can offer. Even though the Moto 360 size is a bit big and ladies might not want to wear such a massive watch, it still looks and feels great on the average wrists. I’m a person with extremely thin and small hands and wrists, so the round smartwatch looks and feels a bit awkward on me and it actually slides off my wrist sometimes, so I wouldn’t recommend it for mignonettes. Nonetheless, if you’re not so frail and skinny, the Moto 360 should be as comfortable as any other watch for you.


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