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Ensure Recovery of Ebola-affected Countries, Nigeria, Others Urged


The United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, has appealed to members of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) “to do whatever it takes” to help the West African countries hardest hit by Ebola grow back stronger and more resilient.

“The international response to date has been unprecedented in its speed and generosity, but much more will be asked before this emergency is over,” the Secretary-General told a special ECOSOC meeting at UN headquarters on “Ebola: A threat to sustainable development.”
Nigeria is a member of the UN ECOSOC and her three-year term is expiring this year 2014. There are 13 other African member-countries including Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Libya, Mauritius, South Africa, Sudan, Togo and Tunisia.

“Let us resolve to do whatever it takes to assist the Governments of the affected countries to recover stronger and more resilient from the Ebola crisis,” Ban said.
ECOSOC President, Martin Sajdik, who convened the meeting, said Council members stand ready to help mobilise all partners, including a network of non-governmental organisations, to ensure that economic and social recovery efforts help stabilise the worst-affected countries and strengthen their preparedness to prevent future outbreaks.

“While the Security Council and the General Assembly are focused on mobilising international support for stopping the outbreak in the short-term, the ECOSOC must begin to plan for a post-Ebola response that will ensure that the affected countries do not fall too far off track from progress already achieved towards the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals),” Mr. Sajdik said.
Ban, who opened the meeting on Friday, noted that the social and economic impact of the Ebola crisis in West Africa has been broad and deep and would long outlast the outbreak.


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