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Actresses need to act their age

Russell Crowe thinks actresses need to act their age.
Russell Crowe
The 50-year-old Gladiator actor has hit out at older female stars who complain about the industry being discriminatory against middle-aged women, insisting there are roles out there but they still expect to be cast as young characters.
Speaking to Australian Women’s Weekly, Crowe said: ”I think you’ll find that the woman who is saying that [the roles have dried up] is the woman who at 40, 45, 48, still wants to play the ingénue, and can’t understand why she’s not being cast as the 21 year old.”
Crowe added that his view is supported by successful women in the industry who have become renowned for playing older characters, adding: ”Meryl Streep will give you 10,000 examples and arguments as to why that’s bulls**t.
”So will Helen Mirren, or whoever it happens to be.”


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