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8 killed, several injured as herdsmen clash with Plateau indigenes


Eight persons have been confirmed killed and several houses burnt in the clash between the fu­lani and the indigenes in four villages of Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau state; chair­man of the local council, Barrister Caleb Muf­wang has said.

Addressing journalists on the unfortunate incident which affected six villages and their environs, Mufwang said the incident was ignited by the killing of one Mr. Yola Micah by unknown persons in his residence in Maitumbi village on Boxing Day. The crisis climaxed with the at­tack by the Fulani on some of the communities on New Year eve which led to the death of four more persons.

The chairman who main­tained that most of the atrocities were carried out by visitors into the locali­ties explained that just when the communities were re­covering from the shock occasioned by the death of Mr. Micah, the following day, two boys who were rid­ing on a motorcycle were am­bushed and shot. One of them escaped with bullet wound while the other, Longji Miky­ees was killed and his head severed from his body and taken away.

The incident was reported to Sector 8 of the Special Task Force and the men promised to look into the matter but when the youth saw there was no prompt re­sponse by the security men, they decided to trace the blood droppings of the vic­tim to the house of one Alhaji Wada, a Fulani man living in the community.

While they were insist­ing that the house must be searched, a man came out of the house with a gun and started shooting at the youths and in the process, one per­son was injured. Still no ar­rest was made.

This infuriated the youths who went on rampage, burnt down houses and in the pro­cess killed a Fulani man said to have come on a visit from Barakin Ladi. The fulani in return, mobilized that night and attacked the communi­ties again; killing four people.

This incident, the chair­man pointed out has dis­placed many people from the communities with many of them living with their rela­tives in Mangu. The council boss explained that in efforts to restore law and order, the council has been meeting with the major stakeholders in the communities and has been able to calm strained nerves.


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