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Kristen Bell: Being a mother is so much fun


Kristen Bell says she identifies herself first and foremost as a mother these days.

The actress, who is the proud parent of daughters Lincoln, who turns two on March 28, and Delta, two months, with husband Dax Shepard, gushed over her children as she revealed how they’re starting to resemble their famous parents.

With both Kristen and Dax having a knack for comedy, it comes as no surprise that their oldest is already proving to be quite the little comedienne.

“Two-year-olds are really fun because they’re starting to have all these thoughts about life and about things in the room, and they’re starting to verbalise them, and oftentimes they’re hilarious,” she told People. “I feel like I see a good mix of both [her father and me]. I think she’s going to benefit from the best of both worlds.”

The youngster has also well and truly embraced being a big sister. Kristen was happy to report that Lincoln “loves it” and dotes on her sibling, who she says is currently in the “smush-y, snuggly stage”.

But perhaps the most surprising thing about motherhood for the actress is how it’s changed her perception of herself. The House of Lies star revealed she now identifies herself primarily as a mother.

“Every silly cliché that I’ve ever heard has come true as a parent, like, ‘You’ll never know how much you’ll love them,’ or, ‘They’re the most interesting person on Earth.’ I never thought I would be a mum that identifies myself as a mum first, but I do,” she confessed, adding, “Being a parent, I just find to be so much fun.”

While she voiced the character of Anna in Disney’s smash hit 2013 animation Frozen, Kristen revealed her children aren’t fans. However, she can’t wait for them to bond over the film when they’re old enough to understand and appreciate it.

“My girls get along great, which I’m really grateful for,” she smiled. “It will be exciting to show them Frozen one day because it’s a story of sisters. When they both start watching TV, I think it will be a very special day in our household.”


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