Home celebritys Amanda Seyfried feels she’s finally respected in Hollywood.

Amanda Seyfried feels she’s finally respected in Hollywood.


The actress began her movie career in Mean Girls, playing ditzy Karen Smith who believed her breasts could predict the weather. While it propelled the 29-year-old into the limelight, she found it hard to get more dramatic roles off the back of the successful comedy.

Finally she’s bagging more varied parts in flicks like Lovelace and Les Misérables and is celebrating a lead in comedy Ted 2, where she plays feisty attorney Samantha.

The lawyer is struggling to prove herself in her career and Amanda can more than identify with that.

“This job! Constantly, just being a woman!” she admitted to Popsugar when asked if she’s had similar experiences.

“I did Mean Girls and I was pigeonholed as this dumb blonde. I had opportunities, but not as many as I do now. There’s a lot of reasons for that and I’ve been doing it for over ten years now… Whew! I feel like I’m now getting the respect I’ve been wanting for so long.”

Amanda joins a male-dominated cast for Ted 2, with Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane in the leading roles. However, Samantha’s feisty attitude serves the storyline its helping of girl power.

“She’s super cool, knows what she wants, has opinions, fights in courts and wins. She is a hero!” Amanda gushed.

The star also discussed her many marijuana-fuelled scenes in the film. While she acts the part well, smoking is not something she can get on board with.

“I know a lot of stoners, people can smoke a lot and still be cool but it burns your lungs… They CGI the smoke anyway and most of the time I am just choking on it,” she laughed.


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