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I felt so much pressure on Skyfall


James Bond star Daniel Craig now realises he pressured director Sam Mendes more than he should have when making Skyfall.

The 007 star has hinted he was unhappy with 2008’s Quantum of Solace, which is why he was so determined to blow people away with 2012’s Skyfall. Sam took on directing duties, with the pair letting their fiery temperaments get the better of them at times.

He told Britain’s Empire magazine: “Sam… was up against it. It didn’t show. That’s the great thing. The movie was great. Quantum was what it was. I said, ‘We have to get Skyfall right.’ I felt a massive amount of pressure. Instinctively, I felt that if we pushed each other we’d get something. And I felt the need to push Sam probably harder than I should, and he kicked back and pushed me and we’ve done the same on this [new movie Spectre]. We just push each other. We blew up at each other a couple of times.”

Sam echoed that the pair did argue while making Skyfall, but none of their disagreements were that serious. The men get on because they both like to say exactly what they are feeling, but equally quickly get over any ill feeling. That is something which is important to Sam, as it meant the finished result was born out of passion.

“It always felt like it led to something better, and that we needed to let off steam,” he explained. “You get cranky. God knows, there’s been difficult s**t on this movie [Spectre]. Every single person has either been injured or ill. People have been off who’ve never been off in their lives before.”

Daniel suffered a knee injury while shooting upcoming movie Spectre and it meant he had to take some time away from set. He was soon back in the saddle though, which impressed Sam as he believes other actors would have been floored for six months by what happened to Daniel’s knee.


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