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Selena Gomez and roommates


Selena Gomez lives with two normal roommates because she thinks it’s important to surround herself with people who are not famous.

The 23-year-old is known the world over for starring in movies like The Muppets and Behaving Badly.

But even though she is an A-list celebrity, Selena prefers to keep it low-key when it comes to who she hangs out with on a daily basis.

“I think it’s equally as important to have people who aren’t in the industry,” she told Extra. “I live with two roommates and one of them’s a realtor and the other one works for a charity and, like, a social media, so it’s equally as important because I’m able to recognise how people treat me differently than they treat my friends who aren’t famous…

“And then you have people like Taylor [Swift] or Demi [Lovato] or anyone that you’re able to, like, look in the eye and go, ‘My gosh, this hurts, I don’t understand this. Why are people like this?’ And they get it.”

Much of Selena’s large fan base is comprised of children because of the star’s former role on Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place. She is also currently promoting her new family film Hotel Transylvania 2.

Selena’s heart goes out to kids and young adults, because she thinks it’s particularly difficult to grow up nowadays with social media so prominent in society.

“I think it’s so hard, now more than ever… I’ve had to delete Instagram off my phone for a week and just kind of not get on it, ’cause it is crazy and I couldn’t imagine being 13 and dealing with it,” she said of online bullying. “My only compassion towards kids is like, ‘You can’t listen to it, you have to know that you’re made individually to be who you are and you should just be able to find your happiness.’ It’s so hard to say, ’cause I’ve been doing it myself, you know?”


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