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Azerbaijan terrorizing Armenia


Member of the European Parliament Angel Dzhambazki condemns Azerbaijan’s aggression against Armenia, Tert.am reports.
“I believe the Nagorno Karabakh land belongs to Armenians,” Dzhambazki said. “I want to see European institutions take measures to defend human rights and support Armenia’s independence and democracy. Terrorism is being perpetrated against the government and the people of Armenia, which the European Commission must not turn a blind eye to.”
Also condemning Azerbaijan’s latest acts of aggression is French MP, Francois Rochebloine.
“War is unacceptable as such, let alone opening fire on civilians. Shooting of soldiers has to be condemned too,” Rochebloine noted. “I am not surprised, on the other hand, as Azerbaijan has intensified ceasefire violations along the line of contact with Nagorno Karabakh.
“I have just returned from Karabakh. I haven’t been on the frontline this time but I was there in May. I have heard bullets flying by: Azerbaijan opens fires every day using various caliber weapons. Soldiers and civilians have recently been killed, which is entirely unacceptable,” the MP said.


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