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Finger Wags, Cell Phone Drops and More Olympics Moments Go Viral


We’re all watching the 2016 Rio Olympics to watch athletes vie for gold, silver and bronze medals, but we can all admit that part of us are watching to see what happens unintentionally—the moments that are unplanned and go viral immediately.
All light hearted, some of the best moments that have gone viral are simply pointed fingers-turned-wags, a dropped cell phone and more!
Olympians might be super star athletes, but sometimes they’re just as normal as the people watching them on TV.
Taking cell phone addictions to an entirely new level was French fencer Enzo Lefort, who couldn’t let go of his mobile device even during his Olympic match.
Maybe he was anxiously waiting for a text from someone special, or perhaps he was using a health app to track his steps (surely those matches are upping his number), but no one could get enough of his phone flinging across the floor.
Team USA’s women’s gymnastics squad proved time and time again that they are the absolute best at what they do by taking home various gold medals, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little revving up every now and then. 
Before dominating her beam routine, Laurie Hernandez was caught on camera whispering to herself, “I got this.” Yes, you do, Laurie!
Just like the London Olympics, Aly Raisman‘s parents just couldn’t shake their anxiety while watching their daughter’s uneven bars routine. They cringed, they hid, they shrieked.
But they were able to survive their nerves to watch their daughter crush it.
Although there’s no relating to how they feel in those moments, viewers certainly got a kick out of watching them react.
Lilly King gave the ultimate coup de grâce when she wagged her finger after winning the 100m breaststroke.
Why is that such a big deal? Well, it all starts with Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova, who had been embroiled in a doping controversy.
After winning the semifinal sunday, Efimova wagged her finger, and it immediately went viral. King was unimpressed with the Russian swimmer’s wag, so when King won Monday she wagged right back. 
“I hope I did [make a statement], that we can still compete clean, and do well at the Olympic Games, and that’s how it should be,” she said in an interview. 
She also told NBC News on Sunday night that she didn’t approve of Efimova’s wag. 
“You know, you’re shaking your finger No. 1, and you’ve been caught for drug cheating, I’m just not a fan,” King said.


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