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MP throws tear gas in meeting to protest vote


A lawmaker set off tear gas in Kosovo’s parliament offices and someone threw a hand grenade at an official’s house on Tuesday (August 9) before a vote on a border deal that is the last hurdle to visa-free access to the European Union.
Another instance of tear gas released inside the parliament was also reported on Wednesday (August 10).
Video of one of Tuesday’s incidents shows deputies and media rushing out of a committee room when an opposition politician opened the tear gas canister.
Others in the room then approved a government report on the border demarcation deal with Montenegro while the acrid fumes were still in the air. 
Other protesters hurled stones at a government building nearby in the latest outburst of violence against the border deal that would require Kosovo to hand over 8,000 hectares (20,000 acres) of territory to Montenegro.
Kosovo and its biggest supporters, the United States and the European Union, deny that Pristina would lose land in the border deal, as the opposition claims, and say the proposed agreement with Montenegro is in line with international and local law.
Local media said parliament may vote on the border deal on Thursday (August 11). The opposition has threatened to stop it by all means.


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