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Foetus – Growth Of Pregnancy


The baby in the uterus is the foetus. It is about three and a
half inches long at twelve weeks of pregnancy and eight inches long at twenty
weeks, weighing about half a pound. 
About fourteen inches long at twenty-right
weeks and weighs about two and a half pounds. 

The foetus at thirty-six weeks is
about eighteen inches long and weighs five pounds; with a red, wrinkled skin,
sot skull bones and very little fat.
Premature babies are born after twenty-eight weeks, but
before thirty-two weeks of pregnancy are not likely to live. 
The foetus as it
develops, floats in a fluid in a bag of membranes. 
The fluid warms, protects,
and prevents it from injury and sticking to the side of the uterus. 
The bag of
membranes can be seen on examination of the placenta after labour.

This fluid in a bag of membranes is about one
pint towards the end of the pregnancy and it is referred to as amniotic fluid. 

The cord attached to the placenta can be seen after labour is completed. 

contains three large blood vessels, protected by thick jelly. 

It is usually
about twenty inches long and covered by the same shiny skin that forms the bag
of membranes. 


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