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NO, NOOOO! Apple just massively increased its UK prices by 20%


Still glowing from the excitement of Apple’s launch event last night?

Well, here’s something that will bring you from the dizzying heights of Mac hysteria right back down to earth. And no, it’s not the fact that even a Touch Bar-less MacBook Pro will set you back £1,449 (although, seriously, Apple?).

While you can still pick up the older range of MacBooks and save yourself some cash, the company actually appears to have sneakily hiked the price of many other older products.

As the tweets below indicate, Apple is now expecting you to fork over up to an extra £300 for an iMac, and a whopping £500 for a Mac Pro.

As we can show below, after applying Google’s nifty cache feature, the prices have indeed changed.

So you’re now going to have to fork over even more cash for year-old tech, with the Mac Mini now offered at least a 20% price increase.

This isn’t the first time Apple has tried to raise prices while people are looking the other way, with iPad prices also being raised during the iPhone 7 launch.

When we contacted Apple at the time, the company indicated that prices can be affected by “currency exchange rates, local import laws, business practices, taxes and the cost of doing business”. We imagine similar reasoning would be in play here.

So while this would appear to be Brexit-related, given that pretty much every Apple product has been hiked since the EU Referendum decision, there’s no way to be absolutely sure.

Still, that won’t stop the online community from losing their minds:


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