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MUST READ: Shocking moment a young boy riding a toy car weaves through traffic on a busy Chinese street


*The child was seen riding its toy car in busy traffic in Lishui, China
*The shocking footage was posted online on October 31  
*Eventually a traffic officer manages to pick up the child and its toy car 

Shocking footage shows the moment a young child rides their toy car into the middle of oncoming traffic on a busy road.

Surveillance footage from the incident in Lishui, China’s Zhejiang province was uploaded on October 31.

After some time, a police offer realises the child is alone and picks them up before looking around for its parents.

In the footage recorded by CCTV News, reportedly filmed during rush hour, the boy can be seen starting to move into the road.

He then moves into the middle of the road and starts going down the centre of the road towards oncoming traffic.

Traffic can be seen dodging the child getting incredibly close to the child.

At one point, a bus narrowly misses the youngster.

Eventually a police officer can be seen chasing the child.

The officer picks up the youngster and its car and starts searching for its mother.

According to reports, the child was reunited with its mother.

Many people have been shocked by the video on China’s social media site Weibo.

One user commented: ‘Thumbs up for the traffic police.’

While another wrote: ‘Really stupid mother.’

And one user said: ‘So many drivers saw but did not get out to protect the child.’



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