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Are Nigerian Celebrities promoting internet crimes and drug abuse?


It’s not a new trend that the rate of cyber-crimes and drug abuse in the country is very unspeakable and what is more disturbing is that some Nigerian celebrities who should viewed themselves as instruments of change would rather go on and spread the cyber-crime and drug abuse gospel. But thank God for a number of our naija celebrities who seem to have some degree of moral standards….

In relation to a case of yahoo boys who were arrested at a club, winner of last yea’rs BBnaija posted


On the other end of the rope, the creative director of  SouncityTV Olamide Adedeji, took to Tweeter to slam tyhose idolizing internet fraudsters otherwise called yahoo boys clearling stating how he felt.

In his own words Olamide tweeted ‘‘Yahoo boys are armed robbers. Armed with computers harming people and corporations. So please, file them next to Drug dealers, thieves, money launderers etc.

“They don’t deserve to be glorified, praised or emulated. We need this reality check’.

“For those that are idolizing Yahoo people. That isn’t the Nigerian dream. That is pure FRAUD! Imagine you wake up in the morning & your life savings are gone only to be used to pop champagne and drive cars and nurture bad habits. Authorities must nip this trend in the bud, FAST!’.

9ice,The formerly wisdom-teaching musician who turned street rapper 9ice after failing in in his state’s general  elections,  sometime last year had a beef with Falz over singing praises about internet fraudsters. In his track “Living Things” he was obviously praising certain prominent Nigerian youths who have been linked to cyber-crimes.

For the records Nigerian Musicians directly or indirectly promoting cyber-crimes didn’t just start now, it has being happening for long. Some of us can still remember  one of the Koko Master D’banj’s  major hit tracks ‘Mobolowowon’, where he supposedly told his personal experience of how he escape apprehension by the London police in 2004, after he tried to pull out a credit card scam.

Also other popular tracks by Nigerian artists like Kelly Handsome’s 2008 “Maga don Pay”, where it seemed like he was  giving praises to the Lord because his “maga” (maga is a term for cyber-crime victims used by internet fraudsters) finally paid.

Olu Maintain’s 2007 classic hit single ‘Yahoozee‘, gave a detailed description of the overall wild and careless live of a top internet fraudster also known as ‘Gee boys’

There are many more of these tracks littered on many music websites in the country which where the artist praise this criminals, or claim to be one.

From the drug abuse angle, the new trend of shaku shaku music seems to be degrading the moral standards of the society in terms of abuse of substance as many of our recent street musicians openly declare themselves guilty, the likes of “Slim case” who  boldly declares himself to be on a “codeine diet” and also is popular for his catch phrase “save some of the ganja”. Now what moral does this teach our young Nigerian youth who is yet to fully discover himself.

Now there is also Olamide’s two most recent hit tracks like “WO” and “Science Students” which have been causing troubles on the internet recently with people trying to decide if actually they were in support or against Drug abuse. Several videos have been trending showing people who reportedly lost their minds as a result of drug abuse.

Should the Nigerian Celebrities continue to fold their arms while their fans loose their minds or go to jail?..Front your own point of view, what do you think?


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